The WCLIB was originally established as the West Coast Lumberman's Association when four small regional associations in the northwestern part of the U.S. joined forces in 1911. In 1923, the WCLA together with other regional lumber associations, formed the first national committee for lumber standardization under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Commerce. In 1941, the WCLA created a new division, The West Coast Bureau of Lumber Grades and Inspection, to enhance the identity of the grading and inspection services provided by the association. The name was later changed to the West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau. In 1968, the WCLIB was formally incorporated as an independent organization when the promotional arm of the WCLA was disbanded.

The WCLIB is currently one of only seven organizations in the United States accredited by the American Lumber Standard Committee to write and promulgate lumber grading rules, and provide grade inspection and supervision services. The WCLIB is also accredited by the ALSC to provide heat treating inspection and supervisory services for manufacturers of wood pallets and crating.

The WCLIB provides grade inspection and supervision services to member mills in the western states, and throughout the continental U.S. and Europe. WCLIB has a total of approximately 190 member lumber mills plus 180 pallet and heat treating associate members. WCLIB is governed by a Board of Directors composed of twenty persons elected from the membership.

WCLIB Officers:


John Konecny

Vice President

Rod Lucas


Kyle Freres

Exec. Vice Pres.

Don DeVisser


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WCLIB Board of Directors:

District 1

Bob Waltz

Seattle-Snohomish Mill Co., Snohomish, WA


Gordon Plume

G.R. Plume Company, Ferndale, WA

District 2

Jacob Anderson

Anderson's Custom Sawing, White Salmon, WA


Derek Morrell

Family Investment, Inc., Battle Ground, WA

District 3

Clement Frank

Frank Lumber Co., Mill City, OR


Kyle Freres

Freres Lumber Co., Lyons, OR


Rod Lucas

Turner Lumber, Turner, OR

District 4

Ross Stock

Western Cascade Industries, LLC

District 5

Terri Adair

Seneca Sawmill Co, Eugene, OR


Mark Denner

Rosboro Lumber Co. Springfield, OR


Curt Bodenstab

Starfire Lumber Company, Cottage Grove, OR

  District 6

John Redfield

D.R. Johnson Lumber Co., Riddle, OR

  Jason Smith Southport Forest Products, Coos Bay, OR




District 7

Tom Barclay

Ganahl Lumber Co., Anaheim, CA

District 8

Brock Lenon

Idaho Timber Corp., Boise, ID

District 9

Brent Saunders

Stora Enso US Timber Corp., Atlanta, GA


Thomas Mende

Klausner Trading USA, Inc., Myrtle Beach, SC

District 10

John Forman

Alamco Wood Products, LLC., Albert Lea, MN



At Large

Tom Parks

Buse Timber & Sales, Inc., Everett, WA


John Konecny

Goshen Forest Products, Goshen, OR





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