WCLIB produces a variety of valuable publications and resources.
Many of our publications are available as PDF files to download (scroll down), or you may purchase them online through our Literature Order Form.

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Standard Grading Rules No. 17 online

PDF and Other Files for Download

The following files can be downloaded and viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Most browsers come with Acrobat Reader, or you can download the free plugin at

California Proposition 65 Notice


Proposition 65 Notice, (doc), (pdf)

WCLIB Members Info

WCLIB Member List - Alpha  ( June 20, 2012)

WCLIB Member List - Numeric ( June 20, 2012)

Lumber Properties Publications

APV-2: Property Values by species - All Species

APV-3: Property Values by species - Domestic Species 

APV-4: Property Values by species - Imported Species 

Technical Report No. 2 - Tension/Bending Ratios of Machine Stress-Rated Lumber - May 2004

Technical Report No. 4 Assessing the Comparability of NDT Systems Using Standard Practices - March 2009

MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet for Wood Dust

Grade Rule Supplements

Supplement XIV to Standard Grading Rules No. 17

Supplement XV to Standard Grading Rules No. 17

Additional Publications

Standard Patterns for Softwood lumber

WCLIB Grade Stamp Facsimile Booklet

WCLIB Services Pamphlet

"European Spruces - The Rest of the Story"

Galligan & DeVisser - World Conf. on Timber Eng. - slides

(Powerpoint slides of presentation)

Galligan & DeVisser - World Conf. on Timber Eng. - paper 





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